In memory giving

Giving in memory is a special way of creating a lasting tribute to your loved one. And your kind gift will enable us to transform even more lives.


Roy's story

We are grateful to Royston Taylor’s family and friends for generously donating to Papworth Trust in his memory.


The village of Papworth Everard – and Papworth Trust – held a special place in Royston Taylor’s heart.

He first arrived as a tuberculosis patient in the 1940s, when the village was a TB colony. It became such a special place to him that he stayed until he passed away recently.

It was in Papworth Everard that he met his wife, Betty. After he recovered from TB he became an ambulance driver in the village. One day, she was his passenger, and he knew immediately they would get married.

Over the years Roy took on other roles in the village; he drove the bus for staff working for Papworth Industries and he was also a manager of one of the workshops, while Betty worked in the offices.

Betty and Roy never left the village because it meant so much to them. It was, ultimately, the village that brought them together.

When their nephew, Kevin Nolan, hand delivered donations to Papworth Trust in Roy’s memory he told us that whenever he spoke to his uncle he always talked about the village and the work of the Trust.

Roy’s family chose Papworth Trust to give their donations to in his memory because it was such an important part of his life.

Papworth Trust celebrates its Centenary in 2017, and Roy and Betty shared a big part of our history over those 100 years. These donations in Roy’s memory will help us improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of disabled people over the next century.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one or would like more information, please contact our In Memory Officer, Gavin Chappell-Bates, on 01480 357 206 or email: