Making new friends

If you would like to find a place to meet new people your age, then take a look at our hints and tips below. There's lots you can do to have fun in your free time, from accessible sports, to holidays and volunteering.


Your Local Offer

Local authority websites give you lots of useful information about activities you can get involved in near where you live. It includes everything from accessible sports, holidays and short breaks, youth clubs, and Duke of Edinburgh awards to volunteering and much more.

Follow the links below to the Local Offer in your area.

Cambridgeshire Local Offer (if you live in Cambridge, Huntingdon or Fenland)

Top tip:  If you live in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, it's worth joining the disabled children’s database to hear about information that can help. You'll also be able to help improve the amount of information families receive in the future.

Cambridgeshire database

Peterborough database


Northamptonshire Local Offer (click on 'Social and Leisure')

Sport, groups and clubs in Northamptonshire for young people aged 14 to 25 with a disability or learning difficulties

Bedfordshire Local Offer

Suffolk Local Offer

Children's disability benefits

We can help you apply for the benefits you're entitled to if your child is disabled.