Pennies for Papworth

Save up your pennies to support people with disabilities living in your community


Help us to raise £10,000

It’s so easy to get involved, simply:

• Find a suitable container – it can be an old jam jar, an empty bottle or even a welly!

• Give us a call and we will send you a Pennies for Papworth label

• Start collecting your pennies

We want to hear about how you are getting involved and what container you are using to collect your pennies so that we can share it on Facebook – the more creative the better!


Tips to help with your collection:

• Display your Pennies for Papworth container in a prominent place and encourage everyone to pop their pennies in

• Hold a competition to see who can collect the most pennies and offer a prize for the winner

• Mark out a route and get everyone to fill it with pennies

• Have a competition to see who can build the highest tower of pennies before they fall (and then collect them all!)