7 top tips for supporting disabled staff

​Follow our top tips to support disabled people to find and keep jobs that are right for them and flexible to their needs.


We work daily with employers and jobseekers. We know that employment is one of the best ways to increase wellbeing, living standards and equality for disabled people. We can support employers to see disabled people for what they can do.

The employers we support tell us that employing disabled people as part of a diverse workforce brings huge value to their businesses.

Supporting disabled people at work

Like any employee, each disabled person can be a great asset when they have the opportunity to develop their skills. Often it's the simple measures that make a real difference.

  1. Talk to disability organisations to find out what schemes and funding are available to help businesses employ disabled staff.

  2. Look at each person and the unique skills they have to offer to gain loyal employees that other businesses will have missed.

  3. Make your recruitment process adaptable for different applicants in order to help you recruit a diverse workforce.

  4. Offer disability awareness training to help staff understand and support disabled colleagues and customers.

  5. Partner with disability organisations for expert advice and guidance on making your workplace more accessible for little or no extra cost.

  6. Offer work trials to make sure both you and your potential employee have the right fit for the job.

  7. Encourage disabled job applicants and staff to talk to you about any support or access needs in order to tackle barriers together.


Our Working together report includes success stories and best practice tips on supporting disabled people into work.

Read our full report

If you need support with recruitment, we can put you in touch with your local Papworth Trust employment team who can help you with each of these top tips. To find out more, please call us on 0300 333 6535 or email contact.centre@papworthtrust.org.uk.