First Steps to Success - employment support and advice for disabled people

In our First Steps to Success course we will work with you for 20 weeks so that you gain the skills needed to get a job.


We will provide you with weekly one to one support from an advisor who will get to know you and your likes and dislikes. They will talk to you about what you want to do, what you have done before and discuss any concerns you may have about working.

What we will do

We will:

  • support you to choose a career
  • understand what in your life may be stopping you from getting a job and help you to overcome this
  • support you to write a CV
  • help you search for the right job for you
  • show you how to fill out a job application
  • teach you some interview skills
  • build your confidence so that you feel ready to apply for a job
  • help you to show employers your skills, and make sure that you’re ready for work.

What happens after the 20 weeks?

  • We will help you into your choice of either paid employment, volunteering or work experience
  • We will work with your new employer to help them to understand what you might need in your new job
  • We will support you and your employer to make sure you are happy in your new job.

To join or find out more, please contact us:

0300 456 2391