How First Steps to Success supported Paul into employment

Paul has multiple learning disabilities and needs particular support with reading and writing.

He was referred to Papworth Trust’s First Steps to Success (FSTS) from the Job Centre. Their referral highlighted the need to help Paul build his confidence and improve his interview skills.

At the initial assessment with our advisor, Paul was clearly anxious, but was able to articulate that he wanted to find paid work in either a retail environment or a warehouse.

Our advisor worked with Paul to explore with him his skills and experience and worked to develop his interview skills and overall confidence levels as part of the FSTS project.

We were able to source a work-placement at a local B&M Homestore for two weeks. Throughout the placement, our advisor kept in contact with both Paul and the team at B&M, supporting any worries or concerns that there may be.

Paul was concerned that he might have to use the cash till but this was resolved quickly by our advisor, meaning he continued the placement with confidence.

Paul really enjoyed his work placement. The advisor, Paul and B&M reviewed the placement, allowing for feedback by all involved. B&M were more than happy with Paul’s performance and he was delighted to be offered a part time paid position!

Our advisor continues to keep in touch on a regular basis with both Paul and the employer to ensure Paul is able to maintain his employment in the long term.

Paul’s outcomes so far include:

  • Improved confidence
  • Improved interview skills
  • Successful completion of a two-week work placement
  • Successfully entered into part time paid employment