“When Connor found out about his interview his mum said he was smiling like a Cheshire cat.”

Connor's story

Connor originally came to Papworth Trust's Work and Health programme with his mum. He had a speech impediment and due to low confidence, he was only happy to say yes, no or don’t know for the first few meetings.

His main barrier surrounded his self-confidence and he felt he would not be able to interview due to not being comfortable to talk. Connor also could not read or write therefore had no CV or any application skills.

Connor’s support manager referred him to Read Easy, as his first point of call, and asked Connor's mum to get him speech therapy through his GP. Connor’s first few meetings were done very quickly but as his confidence grew, he started coming in without his mum and started talking to his Support Manager in sentences.

How we supported Connor

Connor told his support manager about how he had volunteered doing gardening before and how much he enjoyed the work.

His Support Manager contacted CGM, a grounds maintenance company, and informed them of all of his experience and strengths - and also about his speech impediment. CGM were very interested in Connor’s experience and were very happy to be flexible by interviewing him in a different way. When Connor found out about his interview his mum said he was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Terence, operations manager from CGM, attended the Papworth Trust office because he knew Connor would be more comfortable here and also invited Connor's support manager for moral support. Connor came to his first ever job interviewed dressed very smart and fully prepared for an interview with CGM. Terence adjusted the usual interview questions and asked Connor questions that could be answered via a yes or no.

Connor answered all the questions, but during the interview he became more confident and spoke in further sentences and enjoyed his conversation with Terence, even laughing when jokes were made.

'He gets home from work and tells his mum all about his day'

When Connor’s interview was over, Terence sat with Connor’s support manager and informed her he would love to take him on and would request due to his experience that he was paid more than minimum wage. The job offer came out and Connor was very excited and worked with his support manager to fill out his job start documents. Connor even had to go and get his first bank account so he could get paid.

Connor’s job would be gardening in pensioner’s homes with his colleague. During Connor’s first day, he said it was quite hard work and he was very tired but after day two, his mum explained she saw a big difference in him and he was really enjoying it. He now gets home from work and tells his mum all about his day. Connor is really enjoying work and enjoys working with his team leader. He still see’s Terence who has nothing but fantastic things to say about him.

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