Sam Andrews

About Sam

My name is Sam Andrews.  I am quite the newcomer to running in terms of long distance, but for the last 2-3 years I have ran short distances around my villages, usually around three miles.  I play football three times a week, and I also have an interest in tennis and motorsport.

How is your training going?

My training is underway!  I have started running between 4-6 mile runs a week and recently bought my first ever pair of running shoes, as recommended due to my knees were taking a hit after using casual trainers!  I have run 10 miles before when I completed 100 days of continuous exercise on the go two years ago, but nothing close to a half marathon.

What made you run for Papworth Trust?

I wanted to run for Papworth Trust because it is a local charity that I follow and know of in my area, and I love the cause that they supporting.  Fundraising for this charity can make a real difference!