Research by Sense has found that half of disabled people say they are lonely and that 1 in 4 report to feeling lonely every single day. Their specific support needs, and limited access to activities to meet their needs, mean that the opportunities to socialise and access their local communities are limited.
Our community working project will see Papworth Trust work with up to 20 disabled adults, tackling loneliness by providing customers with a common interest, in this case music one-evening-per-week at a fully accessible community venue. Customers will meet staff at the venue and work towards the various elements of creating and sustaining a band. There will be a role for various interests linked to music, including song writing, playing instruments, marketing and promotion and learning sound skills. 


Disabled people will have the opportunity to take part in an activity with likeminded individuals and socialise and build networks with others who have similar shared interests as themselves. Because the activity will be held at a local, fully-accessible music venue, this will help disabled customers become familiar with using both public transport within that area and attending a new venue/environment to help create a sense of community.

The expected outcome of the project will be reduced loneliness, increased independence, socialisation and community engagement.

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