Depending on what type of accommodation you live in there may be other charges as listed below: 

Service charge 

A ‘service charge’ is an amount you have to pay to cover the cost of providing and maintaining shared areas and is divided among the tenants who have a right to use them. For example, if you share a house with three other tenants and there is the use of a shared living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom, the cost of maintaining these areas would be split between the four people who share the house. The money we collect as a service charge is only used for that particular communal area. 

What’s included: 

  • Electricity – a charge for the amount of electricity used in the shared areas 
  • Gas and heating – a charge for the supply of gas to, and heating of, shared areas 
  • Cleaning – cost of providing cleaners for the shared rooms and the windows for these areas 
  • Machine hire – hire of TV and DVD or laundry equipment 
  • Fire safety – regular checks and maintenance of fire and heat detection equipment 
  • Legionella monitoring – regular checks and maintenance to prevent the risk of Legionnaires disease 
  • Repair of plant and equipment – repair to or replacement of equipment provided by the Trust for all tenants to use 
  • Maintenance – maintenance that needs to be done on a regular basis to the communal areas such as internal decoration 
  • Grounds maintenance – general garden work to maintain the garden and keep it manageable 
  • Maintenance and servicing – to installations and for regular safety checks such as boiler servicing and fire extinguisher checks 
  • Depreciation – an amount to cover wear and tear of furniture, fixtures and fittings that are provided by the Trust that will need replacing over a given lifespan such as fire alarm systems, carpets, curtains and so on 
  • Insurance – buildings and contents insurance for the communal areas only 
  • TV licence – the cost of a communal licence 
  • Specialist equipment – servicing of specialist items provided by the Trust such as overhead hoist tracking, lifts and specialist baths. 

Changes to service charge 

Your service charge will be reviewed each year. Any changes to the services you receive will be taken into account and charges will be based on bills that we have received during the year. The service charge will normally only be changed once a year, but if additional unexpected charges occur during the year, we may have to change it more than once. If this happens, you will be given four weeks written notice. 

Household charge 
This is charged to tenants who live in shared housing. It covers the cost of utilities that are for personal use only such as the cost of electricity and heating within your own bedroom. It is calculated as a percentage of the overall charge for the property taking into account the number of rooms. The household charge is not eligible for housing benefit, therefore you are responsible for making this payment to Papworth Trust. 

Support charge 
If you are living in supported accommodation your rent will include an amount for certain services provided. If you are eligible for housing benefit you may be eligible for Supporting People funding which covers this charge. This charge is for support services provided for you, for example, an emergency alarm call system or assistance from support staff. If you do not qualify for housing benefit you will be responsible for paying the support charge yourself.