Peter Ager - Trustee

Peter’s level of expertise in terms of financial oversight and audit experience is exemplary, which he brings to the Trust through his membership of the Finance Committee.

He is such an asset to the Trust and one that will be so very difficult to replace when he reaches the end of his term as Trustee next year.

His knowledge and skills in fundraising have been a great support to us where he is able to contribute to our Fundraising Strategy and provide guidance and support to our actions.

Peter always takes the time to support individuals, for example the engagement with our Internal Audit Manager on the risk register and supporting this to be robust and comprehensive.

His support extends to fundraising events where he attended an event in the summer organised by the Centenary Circle.

He also sits on the Development Committee where he influences and helps to shape our future development strategy.

Finally, Peter is a member of our working group to review our properties and assets.

Peter’s level of scrutiny and review cannot be underestimated. So often Peter will have insights that others haven’t considered.

Peter also sits on the Papworth Trust/Varrier Jones Foundation (VJF) Joint Investment Committee and has also supported the Trust as a nominated Trustee on the VJF Board.