Sensory support has proven benefits for disabled people, especially those with more complex needs. 

Sensory support offers customers an opportunity to learn and develop their thought, intelligence and social skills.

Benefits vary from person-to-person. However, examples include increased concentration and attention, developed senses, improved coordination, improved brain function, a reduction in aggressive behaviour and promoting social interaction.


Sensory support is proven to have significant benefits to people with a variety of disabilities, especially those who have more complex needs.

It allows those with disabilities the opportunities to safely learn and develop a variety of skills - for example cognitive development, speech and language and physical/motor skills.

All customers at the Foundation Street Day Service could benefit from sensory support.


The provision of a sensory room will afford an environment more conducive to improved health and wellbeing as well as improved sensory skills.

The sensory support will provide a variety of opportunities for customers to develop a wide range of sensory skills. 

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