Papworth Trust will be moving out of the Bernard Sunley Centre in 2019, as the building is now too big for our needs.
Instead, we will be moving to smaller premises in Papworth Everard, where our housing team will be based, as well as creating a new hub at our existing Saxongate Centre in Huntingdon.  

These moves will be in line with our new ways of working which will enable all staff to work more closely with customers, provide flexible ways of working and maximise use of our current buildings - and so drive efficiencies.

We feel that this is a great opportunity for all staff at the Trust to work alongside customers and with our local communities across all of our services.

A working group is being set up to co-ordinate this work.

Views from all staff and volunteers based at Bernard Sunley Centre and Saxongate will be sought on a range of issues including the layout and design of the two offices and how to support more flexible ways of working.