Papworth Trust marks Employability Day


Papworth Trust marked Employability Day on Friday 30 April by hosting a wide range of sessions for customers and staff, along with an entertaining quiz at lunch and mock interviews to provide customers with useful feedback and tips as they continue to improve their employability and job search skills.  Below is a brief overview of the sessions ran by our team:
The first session was ‘Effective Job Search’, hosted by our JETS Employment Coach, Jake Giampolo, who presented on the impact the current economic climate has had on the labour market and job searching, as well as how to apply for jobs, where to look for suitable roles and common mistakes made when applying.

The next session was ‘Interview Skills in the Virtual World’ hosted by our JETS Employment Coach, Eve Quesne, who explained the different types of interviews and the considerations interviewees need to make when preparing, such as practising answers, body language and dressing appropriately.  A customer who attended this session said: “I’ve taken enough notes to sink a battleship!”
Following that, our JETS Employment Coach, Glenda Cumine, hosted a session called ‘How to Create and Use Your CV’.  In this session, Glenda presented on the perfect format of a CV and what employers look for – as well as how to present a great cover letter and personal statement which is tailored to each application.

Next, JETS Employment Coach, Elizabeth Bergeron, led a ‘Transferable Skills’ session, which helped customers to understand the value of their existing skills from previous roles, education and hobbies and how they can be transferable across jobs, as well as how to present your skills in applications and interviews, and utilising job descriptions to support applications and cover letters.
‘Confidence and Motivation In Finding Employment’, hosted by Eve Quesne, introduced customers to SMART goals and the importance of setting realistic targets, as well as ensuring these are reviewed regularly.  Eve also presented on setting daily routines to improve the mind set and being able to list your achievements.

The final session of the morning was ‘Returning to the Workplace Post-Covid’, hosted by JET Employment Coach, Jacqueline Jolie.  In this session, Jacqueline encouraged customers to raise any concerns they had about returning to work, including lack of social distancing, anxiety when dealing with customers and fitting into a team of new colleagues.  She spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on unemployment, PPE, virtual training and meetings, as well as the about the positives that have emerged from the news ways of working, such as the importance of flexible working, more time to reflect, developing skills, less commuting time, a better work/life balance, and more opportunities for disabled people and people with illnesses.  Jacqueline finished the session with some useful wellbeing tips.

We are delighted to have been able to mark Employability Day with this fantastic range of opportunities for our customers, and would like to thank all who participated and the staff who put together these informative sessions.