Case Study:

Towards the end of last year, Papworth Trust organised mock interviews with Deloitte for our Work & Health Programme customers.  As part of Deloitte's responsible business programme, 5 Million Futures, staff from the Deloitte Cambridge office volunteered to stage a number of mock interviews with live and written feedback given too.  Following this, we were delighted that our customer, David, wanted to share his experience with us:

“I took part in a mock interview on 16 December with Robyn from Deloitte.  Although this was a mock interview, I felt the nervous tension I would expect to experience in a real interview for an actual job - but was an excellent learning experience!

I’d not had many video interviews, and this gave me the experience of setting up and ensuring my audio and video equipment was proficient.  As well as this, this gave me the opportunity to develop confidence and become more comfortable on the other side of the camera.

Robyn’s manner was excellent and realistic so I soon became relaxed.  Her behavioural questions and pushing me to think and describe events in the past to describe how I had handled particular situations, plus the importance of integrating key buzz words, has been priceless, as this has led to me being better prepared – and finally being successful and offered a job!
The interview process for the job was very similar to the style conducted by Robyn.

I would like to thank my Work & Health Programme Support Manager, Lesley McNocher, and Robyn from Deloitte for the opportunity you gave me in attending the mock interview, it was priceless and led to me receiving a job offer that I will be accepting!”

We are delighted to report that David has now been offered two jobs and has accepted a role with Huntingdonshire District Council, and is now awaiting a start date to commence online training prior to starting in the role.