The Scrutiny Panel are an independent team of tenants who work closely with the Trust to review the housing and maintenance service and the policies and performance in these areas. The Scrutiny Panel play a key role in ensuring that the Trust offers a service that represents good value for money. There are currently four tenants that sit on the panel including the chair and they attend meetings on a quarterly basis. The meetings are formal with agendas and minutes which can be viewed on our website.

Earlier this year the Scrutiny Panel received training by TPAS (a tenant participation organisation) to develop their skills to undertake scrutiny reviews. A scrutiny review is where the panel explore, examine and test a specific area of service delivery. They investigate what is currently in place and make recommendations based on the evidence gathered during the scrutiny period.

The panel have recently undertaken their first scrutiny review. They looked at the area of “reporting a repair” as the Trust have received a number of complaints from tenants who have been dissatisfied with this particular area of service. The review was conducted over a 6 month period and the panel have now made a number of recommendations to the Manager responsible for repairs and maintenance to improve this area. The panel have produced an action plan which will be reviewed and monitored through the regular Scrutiny Panel meetings.

If you would like to find out more about the Scrutiny Panel or are interested in applying to sit on the panel contact Tracey Croucher, Tenant Engagement Officer by email at or by calling 0330 678 0008 option 2


Your Scrutiny Panel members are:

Linda Moss (Chair)

Margaret Parker

Alex Winters

Keith Green

Colin Hayward

Jenny Victor