A first time marathon runner from Norfolk is joining team Papworth at next  year’s London Marathon.
And Danny Hawkins, 41, from Taverham, knows exactly what he is looking forward to, as well as dreading the most. 

“I’m really looking forward to the atmosphere, the crowds and the physical and mental achievement of running a marathon.

“I’m dreading the day after!!

Danny works as a senior claims technician at One Broker Group and Papworth Trust is the company’s chosen charity

“I would like to do my bit for raising money for this deserving cause, as One Broker Group’s chosen charity of the year 2019.

“We have seen first-hand the good work they deliver in the community supporting disabled people.”

He’s hoping to complete the marathon in six hours and will be cheered on all the way by wife Joanne, children Ryan, George and Lily as well as friends and work colleagues.

Training is already underway as Danny gets used to running every day and the distances covered will go up every week, including a Christmas Day run.

He said he gets his motivation from his family.

“They are all so supportive and encouraging. My wife inspires me constantly.

“She is my hero and even when it’s really dark, wet and horrible I know she is waiting for me at the front door with a towel and a hug and I’m sure it will be the same at the finish line on the day.”

Visit Danny Hawkins London Marathon fundraising page