If you want to make any alterations or improvements to your home, whether internal or external, you must get our permission in writing before you do any work. 

Some alterations may require planning permission so it is important that you get advice from us first. You will be required to meet certain conditions to ensure the work undertaken is carried out correctly and in accordance with regulations.

If you carry out any alterations without first obtaining the necessary permissions, you will be liable for any costs associated with us needing to do any remedial work. You are responsible for the maintenance of any alterations you have made. 

Depending on the alteration, we may also request you to reinstate your home to its original state if you move out. 

What is an alteration? 

An alteration is anything that changes the original layout or structure of your home. Typical alterations are: 
  • Fitting a shower unit 
  • Installing a new bathroom suite 
  • Fitting a new kitchen 
  • Adding a conservatory 
  • Adding a porch. 
This is not a full list but gives you an idea of the type of improvement we would regard as an alteration and for which you would need to seek permission from us. 


You are responsible for decorating the inside of your home and keeping it to a reasonable standard. You are able to decorate in whatever way you wish. However, please bear in mind that if you use particularly bold colours, we may ask you to return it to something more neutral when you move out. If your property is one that has been identified as having asbestos containing materials within the artex, please seek guidance from us before carrying out any decorating. 

Adaptations and equipment 

If you live in a general needs property but require an adaptation, you will usually need to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist (OT). The OT should send us a copy of their report detailing your requirements. Please complete the Contact Us form to obtain advice on this. 

If you live in a supported or wheelchair accessible property, any adaptations that you require would have been identified before you moved in and then done in agreement with whoever funded the adaptation. If you need more adaptations later the process is the same as for general needs properties as above. 

Please note that when you accept the tenancy of a property from us, you accept it as seen and we are not responsible for providing adaptations once you have moved in.