The terms of your tenancy say you must give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing before you move out. This is called a Notice to Quit.

Your Notice to Quit should be received by us on or before the start of the notice period and the notice period should start on a Monday and end on a Sunday 28 days later.

You are responsible for paying rent until the notice ends and ‘vacant possession’ is given to us. ‘Vacant possession’ is where you have given back all of your keys to us.

If you need to give us a shorter notice period you must obtain our agreement in advance to avoid being charged for the whole four-week period. You must give us a new or forwarding address when you hand in your notice.

As part of the terms of your tenancy agreement you are required to return the property in good decorative order and in a clean condition.

Shortly after you have given notice we will visit your home to discuss any aspects of decorating or cleaning that will be required before you move out. This will be agreed with you and you will be sent written confirmation of this. If you are not able do any of it, we will arrange for it to be done on your behalf but you will be responsible for paying the full cost.

If, after you move out, we need to carry out repairs, cleaning or decorating that you were responsible for, you will be invoiced for the full cost of the work.
A minimum of two keys (per lock) must be returned to us by midday on the day after your notice period ends. Tenants are responsible for returning the keys, so please do not ask anyone else to bring them in for you. When you hand in the keys you will be given a receipt. Remember that you will continue to be charged rent until we have the keys and ‘vacant possession’.

If you do not return the keys and we have to change the locks you will be charged for the cost of this work.
If you move out without telling us you will be charged 4 weeks rent from the time that we are aware that you have moved out.

Please note: If you are giving notice after the death of a tenant, we will normally accept less than four weeks’ notice. If you are in hospital and you or your relatives are unsure what to do about giving up the tenancy, please Contact us and we will advise you.

What you must do when you leave

When you move out of your home, you must:
  • Contact us to arrange a suitable time when we can come and inspect the property prior to your leaving
  • Remove all of your furniture and possessions
  • Carry out any repairs that you are responsible for
  • Clear rubbish from the property inside and out including sheds, garages and outhouses
  • Leave the property clean and tidy
  • Arrange for the council to remove any large items of furniture you are not taking with you
  • Leave any fixtures and fittings that were in the property when you arrived, such as kitchen cupboards. In the case of supported properties this may include white goods such as fridge/freezers and cookers
  • Have any electrical or gas items that you are taking with you removed by a professional, if you do not and there is an accident you may be liable
  • Tell your gas, water and electricity suppliers that you are moving and settle any outstanding amounts
  • Notify your telephone and/or broadband company that you are moving out
  • Remember to inform the council tax and housing benefit departments
  • Notify relevant people of your change of address.
Please ensure that utility meters are read on the last day of the tenancy and that all utility companies are informed of a forwarding address for the final bills. Please let us have a note of the final reading together with name of the utility suppliers.

Any items you leave in in the property after you have moved out will be disposed of; we are not able to store any such items. You will be charged the cost of the disposal work.

Outstanding debt

When you leave the property, it is expected that your rent account will be up-to-date. If there is any rent outstanding you will be asked to settle this debt within four weeks of the end of the tenancy. If you think you may have difficulty doing this, please Contact us as soon as possible.

In the same way, if there are any amounts outstanding with respect to repairs or any charges already mentioned the same procedure will apply.