Papworth Trust OWL Centre needs your help!

Update - Friday 26th July
We have a week left until a decision has to be made on the building in Sawston (please see below).
We would like to thank everyone who has offered help and support since we launched our appeal.
Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to take the building on.
If you can help, or know anyone who can help with any of the skills listed below, please contact Dan Eaton on 07966 916230 or email

We have found a potential new home, but it needs quite a bit of work to make it a great space.

Do you know any skilled tradespersons or companies who could help us?

After nearly a year of searching we have found a potential new home for the Papworth Trust OWL Centre.

It is perfect - right in the heart of the community in Sawston - with lots of space for people to enjoy all of the great activities that we offer and we hope the community will be able to use it too.

The downside is the building has been empty for a while and to put it right is going to take some work.

There are some things that we are asking the landlord to do, but the scale of the work, means to take it on, we are going to need some help.

Do you know any skilled people or companies that would be willing to give up their time or donate materials to such a fantastic cause?

These are some of the things we need:

  • Someone to rewire the building and fit new lights
  • A new boiler and someone who can install the heating system
  • New sanitary ware for the toilets and someone who can fit them
  • A carpenter who can level a floor
  • A new fire system and fire doors and someone who can install them
  • Installation of new ceiling including insulation, fireproofing, compartmentation 
  • A builder who can remove a wall

We will also need people who can paint the inside of the building, clear the garden and generally make things clean and tidy.

If you think you can help, or know someone who can, then we would love to hear from you.

Give Dan Eaton a call on 07966 916230 or email