A new Sawston-based gym has teamed up with a centre supporting disabled people to offer health and fitness tips.

Papworth Trust’s OWL Centre has always prioritised healthy living for its customers, starting every day with a warm up and breathing exercise.

A group also regularly participate in team games and fitness at Sawston Sports Centre.

Now the OWL Centre has partnered up with Gymbo’s Gym, in Sawston, to bring a new experience of fitness to the service users.

The group worked on their fitness and mobility skills and even took part in a fun boxing session.

And it was met with great enthusiasm by members who said they enjoyed the boxing and also the feeling of being much calmer and happier after the exercises.

The OWL Centre hopes to continue this new partnership with further boxing sessions and looking for new fitness training groups for the service users.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the OWL Centre on 01223 835329