“I was diagnosed with Autism in 2016 and had been unemployed for 41 months when I joined the programme. Despite lots of work experience and qualifications, I was unable to get paid work.

The Job Centre recommended that I joined the Community Connections programme for the extra help and support they offer in finding work.

I’ve had training with searching for a job and filling in application forms.

But more importantly, they have helped me overcome the barriers presented by having Autism to help me move forward in life.

This has helped to improve my confidence during my time on the programme.”


“I am currently unemployed and I was finding it difficult to secure employment.

I was interested in Signpost and the Community Connections project because of the prospects of receiving support to help me to improve my chances of securing successful employment or suitable training.

I found the project really useful because it helped me gain confidence using Information Technology.

I could then use these skills for job searching, putting together a suitable job application and then sending this off to local employers." 


"I had never worked before and I have never had any confidence in anything I’ve done.

The training has been good and given me the chance to learn new skills.

When I first came, I was very anxious. 

I am now looking forward and thinking of what I can do to achieve my goals in life."


"I am currently unemployed and I thought this project would help me to improve my employability skills.

The training has provided me with the essential skills needed to hopefully secure successful employment or training opportunities."