Ismail came to the UK as a refugee due to the civil war in Syria. Ismail and his family settled in Cambridge and his three children are in local schools.

Ismail worked for a large textile manufacturing company in Syria making clothing for the internal and international market.

He first heard about Community Connections South through the Cambridge JobCentre as he was looking for support to move into work. Ismail is attending a ESOL course at Cambridge Regional College where he received an award for outstanding academic achievement.

He has also been volunteering whilst living in Cambridge. He worked for Cambridge Online supporting people to gain basic computer skills, in the British Red Cross shop and also, for the past year, for a large Oxfam shop as a retail assistant.

How did we help Ismail?

Ismail receive support, advice and guidance regarding job searching, CV writing, getting registered online with various job sites and also with interview prep. He feels he has improved these skills and that volunteering has been a great use to him.

Ismail now feels better equipped to deal with the job-seeking process. His volunteering has helped him gain skills and improve his English and Ismail says that working makes him feel confident and productive. He likes the fact that he now has a routine which has improved his overall wellbeing.

Ismail now has a permanent contract at Primark in Cambridge.