Vasilica first heard about Community Connections Essex through her husband who was also being supported on the project.

Vasilica writes:

"I am Romanian and worked there as a waitress. But I have been in England for 19 years. 

"My husband had some health problems and I realised he would not be able to support the family in the near future, so I signed up for help in finding employment.

"I had already attended appointments with my husband so that gave me confidence to join the project.

"I done a job search and wrote a professional CV with my ESA. I gained the confidence to do my own job search and did some interview skills training so I felt prepared for job interviews.

"I benefited most from a boost in my self-esteem which gave me the confidence to apply for work. 

"I have completed 40 hours training so I can start work. I have also completed a workbook of questions and done a Safety at Work course and other courses online. 

"Attending the project gave me more confidence and self-esteem and gave me the push to go out and find the right job for me."

Vasilica now works as a Ward Hostess at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.