I have always liked that the Community Connections support is one-to-one and bespoke to my needs.

My parents and I initially did a local search for support services and we found out about Switch Now, which led to the project supporting me.

I had been employed for 10 years as an admin assistant, before I had to move to Cambridgeshire. I needed support to get into employment in a different location – and to find someone who would be supportive of my autism.

The project has helped me work on my employment skills and try new roles to widen my future options.

I have enjoyed working on my job searching skills and completing training with support from the Community Connections team.

My family have also noticed a difference in my confidence.

I have enjoyed volunteering at the local hospital as an admin assistant – it has given me a routine and I like my tasks and who I work with.

I am hoping to move to paid employment at the hospital in the future.