By Ananya:

I first found out about the Community Connections project from the Basildon Advice Store when I was told by an Employment Adviser about how it could help me move forward with job searching and any education or training that would be beneficial.

I have a degree in English but had no work experience. I needed help with looking for work and I was very shy.

As I have always wanted to work in an office, Dee discussed my options with me. We initially worked on my confidence and looked for courses that would benefit me.

Dee and I looked at a PA/Admin course, which would help me go through the fundamental skills needed for me to work in admin.

We also discussed volunteering to help me build confidence and experience in an office environment. This course - and the fact that I am volunteering - has been added to my CV.

The project has helped me gain confidence in my chosen career path. Volunteering at the Day Centre for Papworth Trust has allowed me to independently job search and has shown me a specific area that I would like to work in.

The project has helped me grow as a person and really helped me with my confidence.