Our commitment to the environment
Papworth Trust is a medium-sized disability charity based in East Anglia.

The Trust has more than 25 commercial sites as well as over 500 social houses. We recognise that the activities involved in all aspects of the Trust have an impact on the environment in terms of the consumption of raw materials, emissions to air, water pollution and waste generation.

As part of our responsibilities, we aim to reduce these impacts where possible and in doing so contribute towards a safe and healthy environment for disabled people today and in future generations.

  Our 6 reasons to change
Papworth Trust sees six very good reasons to change:

1. Efficient Working – We have a duty to all stakeholders to use resources efficiently to ensure we have the biggest positive impact within our financial means.
2. Further Inequalities – Disabled people of working age in developed and developing countries are three times more likely to be unemployed and live in real poverty (65% of disabled people in the UK live below the poverty line). It is commonly understood that the poorest people in Britain usually suffer from the worst environments; this worsens inequalities and can affect health and economic prospects.
3. Climate change – Climate change must be tackled by everyone otherwise severe weather, flooding, food shortages etc. will, in the long term, undermine all of the positive changes that the Trust is working towards.
4. Green living – People with greater exposure to natural environments have greater health and wellbeing. This will positively benefit our employees, service users and the surrounding community. 
5. Business winning – Key contracts today expect us to be able to exhibit our environmental strategy and policy. Not doing so could mean we limit our organisational growth opportunities.
6. Government led agenda – Carbon neutrality and reduction by 2050 with interim targets being set and changes to Building Regulations to support changes are factors we need to consider and act upon.