We are always happy to help you chose the right fundraising ideas that work for you. Here is a list of ideas, if any are of interest please contact jo.revitt@papworthtrust.org.uk to discuss how we can help you to make your event a success.

Abseil: reach new heights with an abseiling challenge
Afternoon tea: hold an elegant afternoon tea with friends or family
Auction: encourage local businesses and colleagues to donate items to be auctioned off
Bake sale: get your colleagues or local community baking to sell some delicious cakes at a coffee morning
Birthday funds: ask your friends and family to donate instead of buying you gifts
Book sale: raise money through your having a book stall in your office to sell unwanted books
Cocktail night: mix up your favourite drinks and invite friends around in return for a donation
Coffee morning: get together and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea !) while raising money
Cycling: get sponsored to hop on your bike for a charity
Darts contest: a night at the pub or social venue could be turned into competitive fun with a darts competition.  
Dinner party: pick a theme and host your own charity dinner party, and invite guests to buy tickets

Exercise marathon: hold an event to see who can go the distance
Eurovision party: everyone can represent a different country at this party
Fancy dress day: hold a fancy-dress day at school or work for a donation
Film night: host your own film night, and provide refreshments, hold a raffle as well to boost donations
Football match: see who will score the winning goals in a charity game
Games night: get competitive in a board games or video games night
Golf day: get outside and take to the green in a charity golf day event
Head shave: shave all your hair off for some sponsorship money
Hour of earnings: challenge your colleagues to donate an hour of their pay
It's a Knockout: have some fun with an It's a Knockout event
Jumble sale: see what old or unwanted items you have lying around to sell
Kick a habit: challenge yourself to break a bad habit while raising money
Learn a new skill: get sponsored to learn a useful new skill
Loose change collection: ask people to donate any loose change they have
Music concert: hold your own local music event or battle of the bands
Netball tournament: take to the court with colleagues and charge an entry fee and perhaps get sponsored too.
Open mic session: let anyone take to the stage in an open mic event in the office or a community venue
Poetry day: host a poetry reading event and ask for donations to attend.
Pot luck event: everyone brings a dish to contribute to the pot luck party – ask for a donation or charge a set price
Quiz night: test everyone's knowledge with a quiz night, with or without a theme
Themed party: host an event from the decade of your choice
Sports day: hold a sports day on the village green or local park
Street party: all your neighbours can get involved with a local street party and ask for donations
Table tennis tournament: see who edges out the competition at table tennis
Talent contest: give everyone an opportunity to showcase their talents and invite an audience to pay an entrance fee.
Treasure hunt: put together a treasure hunt around your work place or local community
Wine tasting: enjoy some delicious drinks at your own wine tasting event, or encourage a local wine shop to host one for you and donate profits from any wines sold