Leaving a gift in your Will helps to ensure that we can be there for disabled people and their families

Photograph of CEO Sarah Miller"Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Papworth Trust in your Will. I am sure that, like me, you believe that disabled people should have the same opportunities and access in life as everyone else; to be able to make decisions and choices about how and where they live, what they do and who they do it with. Leaving a gift to Papworth Trust in your Will is a very impactful way of helping us to achieve our vision for a world where disabled people are seen for who they are.

We have been through an incredibly tough period due to Covid and Brexit, and are now faced with an unprecedented cost of living crisis which will push many disabled people into crisis. As an organisation the costs of materials and labour have increased, Government funding continues to be challenging and the sectors we operate face workforce scarcity as never experienced in our working lifetime. Despite all of these challenges, we continue to deliver great services and improve the quality of our engagement and support to our customers, their families and carers." - Sarah Miller, CEO

Legacies in action

A recent legacy that we received is funding our ‘Routeway to work programme’, launched in October 2022

The programme will support people aged 16 plus (transitioning from education), with learning disabilities and long-term health conditions, attending 2 sessions per week for a 9-month period, with an optional 3 month extension if necessary.

You can read more about our Routeways to Work programme here and how it provides work experience to disabled people.Routeways To Work (papworthtrust.org.uk)

Customer fixing a bike

If we had not been the recipients of such a generous legacy this programme and the support that it provides to our customers – the difference it makes to people’s lives – would not have been possible

Here are some of the ways that leaving a gift to the Trust in your Will, really will make a difference



Jason is in his early twenties and has high functioning Autism, anxiety and depression and lives with family. Angela works at First Steps to Success, supporting Jason. Since leaving University, Jason has applied for several vacancies but rarely gets an interview. Although he likes his own space, in the last year and before the pandemic, he had been feeling quite isolated and frustrated. When Jason came to First Steps to Success, Angela and Jason spoke about volunteering and he started on a weekly basis at an animal charity, whilst they continued with employability skills, wellbeing, and confidence building. Jason was then put forward for the Kickstart programme by the Job Centre. So, they upped interview role play training sessions, including the STAR technique – the Situation he had to deal with, the Task he was given to do, the Action he took and what happened as a Result. It wasn’t too long before he had an interview and was successful in attaining an admin position.


Sarah’s story is based around the support she was given through the Trust’s supported living programme.  Here is what Sarah had to say about her time as a Papworth Trust customer… “I arrived at the door with £8.00 and very few possessions. Staff supported me to buy essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and flannels. I cried a lot in the first few days, I was terribly homesick, I’d never been away from my family before. Staff made sure that I knew they were there if I needed reassurance or a chat to make me feel better. I take great pride in my appearance. Using a pictorial checklist, I quickly got in the routine of good daily personal hygiene. I didn’t realise that it was important to attend the dentist for regular check-ups or visit the doctors. Staff supported me because I was nervous and other people can’t always understand what I am saying. Cooking and shopping were also a challenge, I’d only cooked items in a deep fat fryer and gone shopping with my mum. I found choosing items for myself a bit overwhelming at first. Initially staff worked with me to produce pictorial shopping lists and recipe cards. I’d take the lists to a supermarket; the pictures also helped me ask supermarket staff if I can’t always find what I want. Money matters! Staff supported me to secure my bank account and bank card with a new pin.This was only ever going to be a temporary home for me, and I have been lucky enough to be offered my own flat. I was so excited I had a peep through the window before arranging to meet my new Housing officer. So, it’s thank you and goodbye from me. I can’t believe how far Papworth Trust has supported me to progress over the last six months. I’m extremely proud of myself! I’m off to my new flat and the next chapter in my life."


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