Are you looking for support into a world of employment?

Routeways to Work is a project that combines work experience in our commercial bicycle shop and workshop, with employment support and guidance. 

Routeways to Work provides an opportunity for individuals, aged 16+, with mild to moderate learning disabilities, autism and/or neurodiversity to develop employment skills and gain practical work experience within OWL Bikes. 

Based within Cambridge, the free programme will provide the opportunity to develop new skills, improve confidence and self-esteem. The programme duration is 9 months, with the option of a 3-month extension. 

A photo of a volunteer in the workshop

Employment Support:

Your dedicated Employment and Wellbeing Advisor will work with you to gain the skills needed to find a job. Working with you on a fortnightly basis with one-to-one support, they will work with you to understand your goals.  

They will discuss what you want to achieve, what you like to do and also support with any concerns you may have about working. 

Photo of volunteers in a meeting     

What we will do:

•    Encourage and develop you to think about employment as a future option.

•    Understand what in your life may be stopping you from getting a job and help you to overcome this.

•    Support you to write a CV.

•    Help you search for the right job for you.

•    Show you how to fill out a job application.

•    Teach you some interview skills.

•    Build your confidence so that you feel ready to apply for a job.

•    Help you to show employers your skills.

•    Make sure that you’re ready for work.

Photo of volunteer on the till

Work experience in OWL Bikes workshop

OWL Bikes offers hands on experience for those who would like to work towards gaining work skills focused around either customer service, working in a stock room, bike mechanics and IT skills in the workplace. 

The person-centred approach to the support provided will allow an opportunity to develop and build on existing skills, whilst creating new ones. 

By attending a programme combining job search and work experience it will allow you to broaden your day-to-day confidence, self-esteem and provide opportunities to achieve your employment goals

Meet the team!

Barry: Workshop Training Lead

Earl: Commercial Bike Lead

Imran: Bicycle Support Mechanic

Barry Earl Imran

Work Experience Modules:

•    Customer Service skills

•    Retail skills

•    Bicycle Maintenance skills

•    Advanced Bike Mechanic skills

•    IT and online sales

•    Stock room skills

•    Recycling and refurbishment skills

Infographic showing the timeline of the schemel

Fleur Patten - Employment and Wellbeing Advisor - - 07707 290968

If you would like more information about OWL Bikes please follow the link below:

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