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 Image of a trustee giving a certificate to a participant    Image of a trustee giving a certificate to a participant

Routeways to Work celebrated its second Award Ceremony and first Graduation the other day. The training programme has recently completed its first year, so some of the initial participants are embarking on their next adventure, having successfully completed all the training modules. These modules encompass Customer Service, Retail, Bicycle Maintenance, Advanced Bike Mechanics, Stock Management, Online Sales, Employability, and Recycling and Refurbishment.

Penny, one of Papworth’s Trustees, generously devoted her time to present certificates to the proud participants. The celebration was attended by 12 participants and their families, as well as the complete Routeways to Work training team. The Routeways team extends its best wishes to all its graduates for success in their next chapter towards employment.

Here is what Penny said about the ceremony:

"I was delighted to join participants, their families and the team at OWL Bikes to celebrate achievements through the Routeways to Work programme. I'd like to extend my thanks to the commitment of participants in completing their learning and to the many partners in and around Cambridge, who support OWL Bikes deliver this valued service. What a great day!"

 Image of a participant receiving a certificate   Image of a participant receiving a certificate  Image of a participant receiving a certificate