Tenant Panel and Scrutiny Panel

The members of both the Tenant Panel and the Scrutiny Panel are volunteers who are also tenants of the Trust.

Both the panels have the opportunity to influence the decisions of the Trust and each of the Panels have their own areas of responsibilities and are totally independent of each other but are linked via their respective Panel Chairs.

This is part of the ‘co-regulation’ process giving Tenants the opportunity to shape the service delivery they receive from the Trust.

Tenant Panel

The Tenant Panel’s area of responsibility is primarily to represent the tenants and also includes:
  • Estate inspections
  • Communications and technology
  • Site tenant meeting feedback
  • Community and neighbourhoods
  • Repairs
  • Communal/community rooms
  • Star Survey (tenant survey).

Scrutiny Panel

The Scrutiny Panel’s area of responsibility includes:
  • New policy/procedure review
  • Existing policy/procedure review
  • Key Performance Indicators review, which are 1) Compliance; 2) Complaints including themes; 3) Voids (empty properties); 4) Benchmarking and 5) Home inspections
Both the Tenant Panel and Scrutiny Panel meet quarterly at the Papworth Trust Head Office in one of their meeting rooms.

If you would like to be part of either one of the panels please contact either:

Tenant newsletter

A housing newsletter is produced a few times throughout the year. It gives you information on:
  • Updates that affect tenants
  • Useful reminders and general information that you may find helpful
If you would like to get involved in creating the newsletter, please Contact Us.

Housing Surveys

We carry out a customer satisfaction survey, on average, once every three years. If you are asked to complete a survey, please do so as the information you provide helps us to plan and improve our services.

We also do a separate survey to obtain feedback on our repairs service. We do not ask everyone to complete this. But we choose a percentage of the repairs we do each month.

This information is very useful, so please help us by answering the questions as fully as possible.