Papworth Trust is committed to reducing any Gender Pay Gap and is pleased to report that our Median Gender Pay Gap has reduced from 12.7% in 2017 to 5% in 2018. Our Mean Gender pay gap has remained stable. 

The proportion of male and female employees has also remained stable, although the number of staff we employ has reduced. Bonus payments that have been made are not statistically significant, as this only affected seven employees (3% of the employee group) with total bonus payments of under £5,500 made.

Papworth Trust has chosen to publish the individual quartile pay gaps to illustrate that the actual gaps within the quartiles is either negative or no more than 1%, therefore the overall pay gap is driven more by the distribution of male and female staff across the Trust. 

The key factor which has influenced the reduction in the gender pay gap has been an increase to rates of pay and enhancements for employees in our Care Services, typically paid in the lowest quartile, who are predominately female. 

We continue to employ a greater number of female to male employees in all quartiles, and will continue to strive to ensure equal opportunity and ensure we maintain equal pay and conditions, for staff across the Trust.