Cindy was a lone parent and had been out of work for a number of years as she was raising her children. Prior to having children she worked in retail but left as she had a car accident and suffered with back problems and had limited mobility in particular using stairs. 

She was keen to get back into retail work on a part time basis and was successful at getting an interview with B&M stores. As part of the interview she was able to discuss her limitations and the only issue would be accessing the staff canteen on the upper floor. She was offered the role and the employer agreed to add an additional 10 mins onto her lunch break so she could manage the stairs in her own time.  This simple adjustment meant she was confident to accept the role and sustain work. 

Mark had a bike accident a couple of years ago and is now paralysed on his left side. He was previously a Welder/Fabricator and as a result of his injuries had to look at a new career path. He qualified as a CGI illustrator and found opportunities very limited.

At Papworth Trust we supported him looking at widening his job goals and arranged a work placement at Kings Lynn hospital doing administration roles within various departments.

This has been a great success and a role has come up within the clinical audit team which he has been successful for.

Mark B started the Work and Health Programme in March 2018 and was struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. On his time on the programme Dave, his Support Manager supported him with information and guidance about how he could manage his condition. We completed several tasks including brainstorming interests and supported Mark to complete a high quality CV, cover letter and also a speculative letter.

As Mark progressed on the programme he increased in confidence and also managed to take part in group sessions that aided confidence building. From discussions with Mark he mentioned outdoor work and part time hours. A role came up a Litter Picking role in Peterborough. Within a few days Mark had an interview and started work doing 6 hours per week.

Mark also saw a Wellbeing advisor prior to starting work to assist with management techniques for his Chronic fatigue syndrome. This role gave him the opportunity to work at his own pace and he has managed this well and is still in employment. 

Connor has a speech impediment and lacks confidence, communicating with just Yes/No answers. ​Connor loves to garden and had previous experience working in this area. A local Grounds Maintenance company were recruiting and were impressed by Connor’s CV. We supported the employer to adjust the interview questions, ensuring Connor was able to deal with questions and that the employer would see his skills.

This adjustment was successful and Connor is getting on great working within a team. ​